When I’m not in Dreadlocks working on Dex, I’m with my fantastic wife or working on one of these:

atmospheric adventure train ride through eternity

awesomely ambitious sandbox odyssey


You can buy these.


action adventure full of beards


morbidly cute platformer


three-way ride through Sexy Switzerland


dreamy puzzle platformer


Someday I’d like to finish:

rewind time, change destiny

colorful planetary physics puzzle


Making original games is my passion – I have created more than 20 prototypes, most of them during weekend game jams.

Play them FOR FREE:

AdventureJam: Lunar Holiday LD31: Admin vs BFU GGJ14: Split | screeN LD28: Coin GAM #6 - Space Candy LD26: miNOMalism GAM #3 - Diet Launch GAM #2 - Snatchers of Justice GGJ2013: S.S.S.C.F.A.T.T. One Game A Month 2013 GAM #1 - Cock Rider PostLD25: Goatzilla vs Nuclear War To Kill A Mocking Bird LD24: Detective Darwin MiniLD 34: Sneaky Trio LD23 warmup: Dogboot LD23: Minilization GGJ2012: Horoloboss MiniLD 31: Night Walk LD22: Super Animal Friendship Club LD20: Clone Wolf Shoulders [prototype] LD17: Islands of the Stone God LD15: Kavern Keeper Nausicaa game


I helped to establish Czech AMV community and organized the first official Global Game Jam site in Prague.

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